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Anoush Hakimi NFL

about our firm

Each partner at our firm has over a decade of experience practicing law. Our firm's focus is on the strategic needs of current and retired professional athletes. We counsel our clients regarding their rights with respect to numerous claims, including, among others, under the NFL Concussion Settlement, claims against helmet manufacturers, drug claims, artificial turf claims, and with respect to NCAA concussion claims

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of these various areas of law and work directly with clients to advance their interests.

Our lawyers are all experts in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit and the resulting NFL Concussion Settlement. We will work diligently to get you the highest claim possible under the NFL Concussion Settlement.

Each Client is unique. We understand your needs.

Our firm is a boutique law firm that is committed to providing our clients with individual and professional legal services. We offer the expertise of a large law firm, with the relationship of a small firm. You will never have to wait to speak with your attorney.

Unlike other law firms that sign up thousands of clients, and are "lite" on services, we pride ourselves on our ability to work one-on-one with our clients. The attorneys in our firm handle almost all of the work and it is never farmed out to paralegals or other staff.