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We police our own.

We make sure to serve each client with utmost excellence and quality. We have also seen many other law firms that do not. Sometimes this amounts to legal malpractice. Although attorneys generally do not enjoy suing another member of the profession, we vigorously prosecute cases against other lawyers that have not served their clients ethically.

We represent individuals and businesses that have suffered serious damage because of the negligence of their lawyers.

Losing a case is not enough, but incompetent or malicious representation can give rise to a valid lawsuit. This can include failing to have sufficient legal knowledge, or administrative mistakes.


Legal malpractice CLAIMS

Our firm focuses on the truly damaging and despicable bad attorney acts:

  • Conflict of Interest: such as representing the interests of another;
  • Neglect: fail to investigate facts or law, letting the statute of limitations run;
  • Bad Acts: fraud, mishandling a client's money;
  • Breach of Duty of Loyalty 

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