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disabled parking

Parking accessible for disabled persons (disabled parking) is an important protect legal right of disabled persons in California. Driving is an essential element in all of our modern world, daily lives. It is with this understanding that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created specific rights with respect to disabled parking. Disabled parking rights refer to the implementation of the ADA parking rules and their state counterparts that improve disabled persons access to accessible parking.

There are a number of factors which determine whether a property is following the disabled parking rules, and is providing accessible parking to disabled persons. It is important to note that whenever on-site parking is provided in lots or structures for clients, guests or employees, then handicapped parking must also be provided for disabled persons. One of the elements to determine if parking is ADA compliant has to do with the number of handicapped parking spaces provided at a property. The chart below reflects how many disabled parking spots are required per parking spots at a property. As you can see, the greater the number for parking spots are available at a property, the greater number of accessible parking spots must be included at the property, in order for the property to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Businesses are required to meet many specific requirements with respect to disabled parking. If you or a loved one has experienced a parking access barrier at a business or other facility, please call our law firm for a free case consultation at (888) 635 - 2250, with an experienced attorney.


disabled parking - why is it important?

In addition to the number of disabled parking spaces required, there are also requirements, regarding among other issues, accessible routes of travel, disabled parking signage and disabled parking dimensions.

As a general rule, disabled parking spaces serving a particular building are required per the Americans with Disabilities Act to be located on the shortest available route of travel from adjacent parking to an accessible entrance. If the parking facility does not serve a particular building, the handicapped parking is required to be located on the shortest accessible pedestrian entrance of the parking facility. The graphics below demonstrate these general rules.